Training Tips

There are many training guides on the internet, here is one example for a week long ride click here >

Training Program (GUIDE ONLY)

The program on the link provided is a good guide and has some good tips, especially about tapering before the event. Given the hills involved, 1 of the long rides in weeks 3, 6 and 9 should be on a hilly course. Week 3 incorporate 1 x 10 km climb, week 6: 2 x 10 km climb and week 9: 3x 10 km climb (into the long weekend ride). If you have shorter hills near home, every second week, the mid-week ride could be hill repeats.


Consider bringing your own saddle and possibly bike shoes/pedals (depending on what you use). Make sure you have shorts with a chamois (bike shorts or ‘shy shorts’) and chamois cream. It is NOT a race, so ride within your limits to enjoy the experience!