April 13-14th


We encourage you to arrive on Thursday in order to have one whole day to take rest before you start cycling on Saturday. We will pick you up at Da Nang Airport and take you to your hotel in order to check in and have some time to unwind. If you want to explore, we can organize a few relaxing activities for you on the day of your arrival or you can spend time at the beach.

If you can’t make it before Friday, please try to arrive by lunchtime so that you can have some time to rest in the afternoon. We will pick you up at Da Nang Airport and take you to your hotel in order to check in and have some time to unwind.

Overnight: A La Carte Hotel


Day 1: SATURDAY April 15th


  • Today’s Route Details click here >
  • Starting Elevation: 9m | Maximum Elevation: 588m | Gain 1636m
  • Highlights: Son Tra Mountain & Hai Van Pass. Ocean Views. Primates & Birds. Beach.

In the morning, you’ll meet your tour guides, mechanic and drivers to be fitted out with your bikes before heading off to Son Tra Peninsula and the large white female Buddha statue. Your first day of riding will present two hill climb challenges, about 10km each. The upside is: “Everything that goes up must come down”. Therefore, you’ll also have a couple of lovely rolls down to sea level. The ride to the top of Son Tra is very steep (up to 13%) for the last 2km, but it is worthwhile for the view and the achievement. If we’re lucky, you will see monkeys and the rare red-shanked douc langur.

After Son Tra, we’ll be riding downhill and take a lunch break along the beach road before we tackle the Hai Van Pass, which was featured in the BBC’s Top Gear episode recorded in Viet Nam. After heading downhill to Lang Co, check into your hotel and have a quick dip in the ocean.

Overnight: Lang Co Resort


Day 2: SUNDAY April 16th

LANG CO TO HUE = 65km (B/L/D)

  • Today’s Route Details click here >  (bus & cycling = 85km)
  • Today’s Route Details click here > (cycling only = 65km)
  • Starting Elevation: 19m|Maximum Elevation: 81m | Gain: 254m (cycling route only)
  • Highlights: Lagoons. Tombstones. Fishing villages. Hue Citadel.

We’ll ride on the bus for the first 20km along Highway 1 and exit the highway for a ride by the coast along a narrow road through fishing villages. We’ll go past different types of tombstones of various religions. We’ll ride into Hue for a late lunch, followed by a visit to Hue Citadel (Former imperial capital of Vietnam). Read more >

Overnight: Cherish Hotel


Day 3: MONDAY April 17th


  • Today’s Route Details click here >
  • Starting Elevation: 13m|Maximum Elevation: 639m | Gain: 1374m
  • Highlights: Views of the ocean as you
    ride up the mountain. School children saying “Hello”. Ethnic minority communities.

A climb from 25km to 35km followed by a ride downhill to 45km, then a tougher climb to 60km with some small dips. A good new road makes for “easy” travelling before turning on to the Ho Chi Minh Road for the last 5km to your hotel and dinner.

Overnight: Do Thanh Hotel


Day 4: TUESDAY April 18th


  • Today’s Route Details V1 click here >
    Today’s Route Details V2 click here >
  • Highlights: Hill 937. Hot springs. Ethnic Minority Communities.

EARLY MORNING = 20km out and back (10km each way)

Starting Elevation: 720m | Maximum Elevation: 772m | Gain: 375m
Depending on

Depending on how everyone is feeling, we might head out before breakfast to Hamburger Hill, the site of a major battle in the Vietnam War when the US & South Vietnamese forces tried to capture Hill 937 from the North Vietnamese Army. A short ride is followed by 800 steps up the hill. Read more >


Starting Elevation: 585m | Maximum Elevation: 645m | Gain: 178m

After breakfast, we’ll head south along the Ho Chi Minh Road for a cruisy ride to the hot springs of A Roang. You’ll spend the night at a community house in the village of Aka Chi, where people from the Ta Oi group live. You will have some free time in the afternoon to rest and unwind in the hot springs. Read more >

Overnight: Community Houses in A Ka Village, A Roang

Day 5: WEDNESDAY April 19th

A ROANG TO P’RAO = 75km (B/L/D)

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  • Starting Elevation: 480m | Maximum Elevation: 965m | Gain: 2638m
  • Highlights: Mountain & River Views. Highest Point on the ride. Ethnic Minority Communities.

A combination of uphill (including the highest point of your ride), downhill and flat rides with 3 serious climbs. In P’Rao, you will be accommodated in 3 guesthouses. This area is home to Co Tu (Katu, C’Tu). Read more >

Overnight: Guest Houses in P’Rao.

Day 6: THURSDAY April 20th

P’RAO TO HOI AN = 75km (B/L/D)

  • Today’s Route Details  click here >
  • Today’s Route Details click here >
  • Today’s Route Details click here >
  • Starting Elevation: 499m| Maximum Elevation: 627m | Gain: 775m
  • Highlights: CoTu village. CoTu Former King. Tea plantations. View of the ocean. FINISH!

Leave the mountains and head 60km downhill to the coastal city of Da Nang. Visit the Co Tu village on the way in order to meet some of the Lifestart Foundation’s workers and have a cup of tea with the former king of the local Co Tu, Mr. Y Cong. Listen to some of his amazing stories. Read more >

Through Da Nang, we’ll spend 25km on the bus before riding the last 15km to your hotel in Hoi An. Enjoy a leg and shoulder massage at the end of your ride.

Overnight: Almanity Resort

Day 7: FRIDAY April 21st


After breakfast, it’s a short ride from your hotel into the Old Quarter of Hoi An to visit the Lifestart Foundation Workshop & Headquarters. Meet more LSF workers and learn about their products. Learn how to make a Hoi An silk lantern and do a traditional painting class.  Lunch at STREETS International, where disadvantaged young people are taught hospitality skills.  After lunch, you’ll be split into teams for “RACE AROUND HOI AN TREASURE HUNT” gathering information about the Old Town and taking photos to prove you were actually there! Over dinner at Almanity Resort, receive thanks for your wonderful cycling and fund-raising efforts from Lifestart Foundation’s Founder, Ms Karen Leonard.

Overnight: Almanity Resort


Day 8 (optional) SATURDAY April 22nd


A fun day off the bikes. Learn a little about the countryside around Hoi An. See some of the ways that people earn a living. Take an optional boat trip into the Nipa Palms where the Viet Minh used to hide and see how people operate the special local round fishing boats. Lunch will be provided if you choose this option. Read more >

You may choose a place to have dinner. Feel free to ask for restaurant tips.

Overnight: Almanity Resort


Day 9 SUNDAY April 23rd


Depending on your plans, you’ll be taken to Da Nang Airport for your flight home or we can help you plan other activities in Vietnam, in and around Hoi An.


Have a preview of Hoi An below!

Hoi An – Ancient Town from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

TUESDAY April 25th


For anyone interested in attending ANZAC Day Services, they are usually conducted at the Australian Embassy in Ha Noi, and at the Long Tan Cross near Vung Tau, south of Ho Chi Minh City.

We would be happy to help you prepare for either of the above events.
For further details, please visit the website of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam.